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5 top tips for planning an event

By Hazel Parsons from Hazel Parsons Wedding & Events

You’ve been given the task of event planning but where should you start? If you’re not an event planner, the job of organising an event can often be quite overwhelming. You may find yourself putting together to-do lists, searching the Internet for ideas and spending a good amount of time trying to find a venue […]

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Host desking graphic of two people working in a shared workspace

Hot desking, flexible working, agile working

What is it and what are the benefits?

Have you ever been intrigued by hot desking and it's potential benefits, but not certain it's definitely for you? Have a little read of our summary and see what you think!

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The benefits of being in a new environment

... and having a team away day

It is easy to sink into the familiarity of a routine. We share our thinking on the benefits of switching up the work environment...

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magnifying glass over meeting room

How to select the right venue for your next meeting

Here are some of our top tips

If you are looking for a meeting space out of the office, then look no further as we have pulled together some of our top tips for what you need to consider.

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Lacuna Premium Listing

Our first blog post


Do you ever struggle to find the right space for that next important date in the calendar? As well as saying hello, we thought that we could also tell you a few of the benefits that you could experience from using our space listing service.

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