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The benefits of being in a new environment

... and having a team away day

It is easy to sink into the familiarity of a routine. That same commute into work, the same bitter coffee, the same way of going about your work and even way of thinking – it is what you are used to, it feels safe and comfortable. For some, the interruption that a team away day causes can be distressing however the benefits of breaking free from the familiar can be the key to success.

Something as simple as collaborating in a different space can make a big difference. By removing the four familiar walls of the office and replacing them with open space or even the great outdoors can help to boost creative thinking. Coming up with creative solutions on an away day sends the message that creativity is welcome back in the workplace. Being out of the office creates a more relaxed environment, promoting openness and honesty, and is a good opportunity for feedback and reflection. This will all feed into the workplace culture becoming more creative and open, it may be just what your team need.

Team building activities are perfect for building trusting relationships. Some activities can leave individuals feeling out of their comfort zone, the helping hand of a supportive team to them get through an experience will build lasting trust. Through team building activities team members can gain a better understanding of one another, including strengths, weakness as well as how to better communicate and work collaboratively.

Arranging for a different space that includes a nice lunch or a relaxing overnight stay for a meeting can also be used as a reward. It can become a real motivator for a team to work together and achieve their objectives.

Switching up the work environment, whether it is for an away day or for a meeting can teach a team or an individual a lot about themselves and how they work. Could something that really worked in the new space be implemented back in the office, an example could be going outside to brainstorm or a new feedback process. Did a piece of tech in the new space make a big difference by helping a presentation run effortlessly, could we get one of these back at the office? Or what coffee do they have here, it’s great!

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